Monday, March 30, 2009

Unfinished Business

Some of you have left comments questioning not only my sanity, but why did I need a license to take pictures here? (I don't know; because Sudan said so) and how long I will be here? (Two years and/or until they boot me out of country, whichever comes first. My money is on the boot.)

Now onto more Exciting news!!!

I got my Photo permit!! I am legal to take photos (as long as they are not of military areas, bridges, train stations....blah blah....slum areas, beggars and other defaming subjects) of what exactly, I'm not sure... Naturally, I assume you're all as shocked as I was to learn that 2 Sudan days actually DO equal 2 US days.

I totally didn't see that coming. Totally didn't bring the camera with me either!

Here I was thinking my license/permit would be this official laminated thing - kind of like the State of Virginia gives you (only without the height/weight nonsense); but it turns out it's just a normal sized piece of paper with the info in Arabic and my picture stapled on it. I gotta admit, it's a little bit of a letdown. I was hoping for something much more "official" or "legal." Now I'm thinking I totally could have stapled a hideous picture of myself to a piece of paper scratched some Arabic on the paper and taken pics all over town.

I would have gotten caught. It's probably better this way. I don't need an additional challenge. Finding my way to and from work is enough (for now). I'll cause trouble later.

While we're on the subject of pictures -- I would like to know what on earth happened to my neck?? I went from neck rolls in all photos, to now what appears to be NO NECK on my photo license. In fact, if I am honest (which I rarely am) I kinda look like a man! If it weren't for the earrings and lipstick, I'd totally wonder if that were actually my photo (I never really thought I looked man-ish. I may have to re-evaluate some stuff now.) On the bright side, I can probably loan my license out to Josh if/when he ever shows up here. I'm thinking they won't be able to tell....

So tomorrow I will attempt to take some pics of Khartoum. Naturally, because I live in work in a maximum security prison courtesy of the USG, I'm not allowed to photograph the Embassy or our housing from the exterior; but you can be SURE I'm going to be posting pics of those puppies (who will likely move inside within a week. I have started to name them.)

It’s a shame that Josh never reads the whole blog post...there might have been time to put a stop to our acquisition of 5 Sudanese puppies! If only there had been a way to know what I was up to....

If only.....


Mary@Holy Mackerel said...

OMG, this is so exciting!! I cannot wait!!!

Gaston Studio said...

Great about getting your photo license, can't wait to see some pics.

What have you named the pups? I can just hear you now... Ahmed, Farouk, Mohamed, Sameh or maybe Hussein for the boys; and Hala, Magda, Shakaria, or perhaps Samera for the girls!

Have you priced dog food as yet?

Anonymous said...

i hope you have a good camera- i want to see the fleas!

Beth said...

That Josh is going to have to learn how to keep an eye on you. But I LOVE that you are such a rebel.

Do you think the Sudanese puppies will understand English?

Sheesh! 2 years?! That is a LONG time! You'll be all Sudanified by the time you come back.

Smart Mouth Broad said...

Can't wait to see your pics now that you're legal.