Friday, March 20, 2009

It's Getting Awkward Now

Last night I went out for dinner/drinks with some friends from work -- they were having ANOTHER goodbye party for me. They all expressed pity for my situation and agreed that this was the most F'd up PCS move they have ever seen (I really love it when my exaggerated, overwrought proclamations are validated.)

However, when people started trickling out to go their respective homes, dressed in their matching work attire, I began to notice a trend....They all left with a "see you next Thursday for your next going away party."

DAMNITT! Now even people at work are starting to disbelieve I will ever leave the WDC area. Even they have come to terms with the fact that I will reside in one Hyatt, Marriott or Sheraton for the next 2 years!!! (Would it kill them to add the Ritz Carlton to that list?? HATEFUL!)

Even more awkward is when I run into people who gave me little gift bags for my going away. Its like a wedding where the groom didn't show. Does proper etiquette require that I return said gift? What if I already ate the chocolate stuff out of it and am only left with the soaps and lotions??

I say NAY! I say those people are obligated by proper etiquette to REPLACE said stash of chocolate to refill that parting gift bag so that I actually HAVE chocolate when I leave. This tragedy is not of my making. Therefore, it's their moral obligation, not mine. I'll just set up a table in the hallway where they can drop off my chocolate - I don't want them to have to go too far out of their way.

See how nice I am?? Smoothing the way for people to fulfill their moral obligations to proper etiquette, thereby saving them from a potential call in to the some daytime talk show where I sit on the other couch and cry while I tell them my story about how they callously left me utterly alone in a hotel room, with no food, no car, no dogs, no real job to speak of, and no chocolate.

Honestly, sometimes I'm such a good person it scares me.


Gaston Studio said...

Are you sure this whole 'relocating to Sudan' thing isn't just a dream? Did you really get orders or is this all in your imagination? Perhaps those same friends are humoring you and leaving little bits of chocolate and soaps as tokens (crumbs?) to lead you back to reality!


Beth said...

It sounds like you have great friends! Maybe I'll tell my friends my school is relocating me and then we can go out to celebrate week after week. You just may be on to something.