Tuesday, March 24, 2009

No Shit! There I was......

Well, technically, There I Still Am....(when I write my memoirs, I am totally going to name it "No Shit There I was...." because that totally makes me seem that much more cool.)

However, I should probably be honest (for a change) up front in case you're expecting to hear really exciting news from here on out. I think we should all just come to terms right away with the fact that my life is boring! Unless of course you want to hear about how I went to work, got my badge for the Embassy and then went home...because that there is the exciting shit I encountered today!!!!

I KNOW!!! I was totally disappointed too, being a diplomat is kinda lame in reality...absolutely NOTHING like the movies...there is no glamour and you do not magically morph into looking like Angelina Jolie....(I should totally sue!)

However, there IS a good side. You do not need an alarm clock in Sudan as the call to prayer at the butt crack of dawn handles that for you....

I do realize that NOBODY is going to believe I actually made it out of the country -- even I was starting to question whether or not I was making the whole thing up!! So I give you PHOTOGRAPHIC PROOF!! (Yes, I also realize that savvy internet readers know that I could have created an elaborate plan to fake photos - however, if you read this blog regularly you clearly know that I'm waaay too lazy for that.)

My backyard.....Aint life grand?!? That said, God smoted me again! Today marks the first "Haboob" of the season (sandstorm). Nice. Although the photos don't really caputure it, imagine walking outside and eating a big ole handful of dirt.

I know that many of you will be jealous of the pool in the backyard, so I included a pic of the kitchen and bathroom to regain your pity....

Days in country: 1, International incidents: 0 -- So far, so good!!


Anonymous said...

are those flowers on the tiles? congrats on 0 international incidents thus far!

Gaston Studio said...

Hey, at least it's a real toilet and not just a hole in the floor! Hope you don't wear contacts and they and sandstorms don't mix very well.

Congrats girl, you made it!!
P.S. Mentioned you on my blog today.

Beth said...

You and God need to have a conversation. No need for God to smoting you now that you are actually in Sudan. That pool looks awesome!

And I'm wiping away a tear because I am so proud of you. One whole day without an International incident. You make our entire nation stand up a little straighter.