Friday, March 6, 2009

Michigan or Bust...

And when I say "bust," I mean Pennsylvania -- because I think I've found our economic crisis. I had a strange, uncontrollable urge to burst into Billy Joel's, Allentown the minute we hit Pennsylvania -- where, coincidentally, in Johnstown, we had to create a new version:

Well, we're living here in Johnstoooowwwnnn....where they never take the Christmas stuff down....

I think the reasoning is self-explanatory and clearly needs to be mocked publicly. I do believe I have made myself clear on my expectations with regard to Christmas decorations and lights. At least give us the courtesy of not turning them on!!! If you have to be ghetto lazy (and believe me, I will always back the lazy option...) don't publicize it and force me to judge you.

ANYWAY, Kernel did very well on the drive. I took probably 10 pics of him on the drive (I was soo proud of myself) - he was doing some cute stuff at the truck stops - my boy's got talent!!! However, when I went to post them on the computer, I realized that I forgot to put the memory card in the camera AGAIN!!
WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME!? Apparently, I also need to be mocked publicly in order to learn a lesson! (Do your worst - but just remember, I hold grudges...)

I also managed to totally humiliate Liz and I (and probably Kernel too) in some random small town in Michigan. We were sitting at Taco Bell (I KNOW, how yummy is that place?! But why do they insist on giving you a small bucket for your soda?? I feel compelled to drink that whole thing - which is NOT conducive to road tripping, FYI.) and this UPS guy walks in and I burst out with, "HEY! That guy's cute!" (We were commenting on the lack of attractive people for the totality of our road trip previously, and I was simply drawing attention to the fact that Michigan had attractive people -- and, he was pretty cute. It is hard to keep that kind of information to myself!!!)

So after I yell that, and he stops and turns around to look at us - I notice that I have both of the windows down for Kernel in the back. Our humiliation was compounded because Liz was in the process of eating a taco and I had nacho cheese all over my sweater. (Clearly, you guys are thinking right now that we're totally Sex in the City...)

ANYWAY, we made it....and I gotta tell you, I'm a little bit offended that Kernel pretty much wrote me off immediately upon arrival. He LOVES Brandy's youngest Beckett, and follows him everywhere. (I suspect it has to do with his bunny toy that looks a LOT like one of his squeaky toys, but I can't prove it. ) He has had a great time in the yard and I gotta admit that although I'm sad to leave him, he WILL be sooo happy here -- he actually already IS so happy here.

Right now, he is passed out on the floor beside me as I post his happy pics on this blog and try to talk Brandy into designing us some dresses that would be appropriate for work, but FLATTERING -- one that would, perhaps, hide a nacho cheese stain?!?!

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