Sunday, March 15, 2009


Today, I dropped off Kernel and Poods with their new family. The boys now live on 10 acres. I gotta tell you though, it was bad. However, once again, neither dog seemed to care that I was abandoning them. I mean, you'd think they could at least look sad or harbor some deep seated resentment of me. For God's sake, I literally sent them to a FARM.

But no. They looked happy.

Although I think the retired fireman who offered to take them looked a little horrified, and may possibly be harboring some resentment toward me right now. Why? Because I brought over all of Kernel and Jack's crap. That's why.

Since I don't have any kids, I literally poured all my maternal love out on the boys. The poor man kept watching me bring in more and more stuff -- toy boxes, cookies, Fleece sweaters (even though we live in the south and it rarely gets cold or snows) Christmas stockings, stuffed animals -- into his house with horror. I think he was waiting for me to come traipsing in with their bunk beds next. (Seriously?? Don't be ridiculous. Bunk Beds? The boys are afraid of heights.)

So I dropped them off and went back to the hotel , which seems just a little bits lonely now.

And then I found out that my departure for Sudan was delayed yet again until possibly the 24th. Clearly, the only way I'm going to get out of this place is to unpack my suitcases and start wearing something other than sweatpants. (Josh would be horrified. He cannot stand it when I wear sweats in public. He doesn't think it makes me look "sporty," he claims it just makes me look "sloppy." As such, this only serves to make me wear them more often. )

WTF Sudan!? Stop being an ass and set my people free from this Hilton!!!

So in the interim, I am sitting on the bed (Yes! You heard me Josh...ON THE BED!!) eating Doritos (I ran out of girl scout cookies yesterday and those little bitches are nowhere to be found), watching Oceans 11 for the 4th time on HBO, and contemplating washing the two pairs of sweats I've been wearing for the last week.

Who am I kidding?!? I'll probably just buy new ones.


Beth said...

I hear they have sweats on sale at Old Navy. Personally, I am wearing my sexiest pair of sweats to bed tonight. It drives my husband crazy (and makes him cower on HIS side of the bed).

Poor you! If it were me, I might be excited about not going to Sudan. It sounds scary. Seriously. But the waiting for nothing to happen would drive me bat shit crazy.

On that note, if you get sent to a FARM, let us know. We'll bring you a sweater and some squeeky toys.

Gaston Studio said...

I love it that you had all that 'crap' for your boys! With no kids, who else would you spoil... hubby?

Like Beth said, I, too, would go bat shit crazy in your present situation of just waiting. Personally, I think you should start writing a book about you, Kernel and Poods... that should keep you at least a little busy.