Sunday, March 29, 2009

Go Figure!

Well, I'm not sick. Apparently, I am so immune to any type of weight loss inducing illness that I can pretty much drink straight from the Nile (White or Blue, take your pick) and pretty much walk it off! DAMNITT!

This is totally reminiscent of my time in Crapistan...I mean, Pakistan (that was uncalled for) when I had every stupid illness under the sun. You name it -- I caught it: Giardia, Salmonella, e-coli, and an array of other intestinal parasites. But I overcame! I somehow managed to cure myself (with the help of some creative sipro-based pharmaceuticals) and never lost a pound.

Only I could manage to gain weight in Sudan.

-----End Bitching-----

So I arrived home from work tonight to find that one of the stray dogs had the cutest little babies!!! They are totally adorable -- until you go to pick them up to love them, and realize they are literally covered in dirt and ticks. (Gag) Poor little foreign puppies! American strays honestly don't know how good they have it!!!

Do not panic Josh. I am not going to adopt (that many) stray pets while I am here. However, you probably shouldn't have left me unattended. That was dumb.

The Embassy has assured me that my photo-taking license will be here within two days. I assume these are Sudanese days - which when converted to US days = 2 months. I'll take pics of the babies when allowed. I'm sure there will be another litter when I get my license. (Is someone writing down all these pics I'm supposed to be taking??)

And finally, congrats goes out to Jane at Gaston Studio for cracking the POTUS acronym (President of the United States). I have no prizes to give -- don't know how to do any of those award things because I am technologically incapable. For heaven's sake, I only recently learned how to link on this -- baby steps people!!

I was totally working on a new diet drink formula here and could have sent you a free sample -- I like to call it, Blue Nile Magic -- but it seems to be non-functioning at this stage of my research. I may need to switch to the White Nile Magic formula instead....I do, however, have some melty M&Ms I found in my laptop case I could award you, but you're pretty much going to have to come here to get it. (Be a lamb, would you, and bring me some Ambien and Oreos when you come.)

I'd hurry if I were you. M&Ms probably won't make it very long here. Chances are pretty slim.

I'm just saying...Little Debbie's been missing since Thursday.


Mary@Holy Mackerel said...

What in heaven's name is happening? YOU need permission to take photos?? Wow.

I can't handle the award thing either. I can never keep up with them, and keep organized. I am a loser...

I'd be adopting the pups too...bugs and all. I'd just get someone else to do the nasty work, and once they were clean, I'd cuddle them.

Beth said...

I hope the photo license comes through soon because I want to know if the vision in my head is even close to your reality.

We have several students from Pakistan and they are NEVER out sick. Now I know why. They've already had their fair share of deadly diseases.

As for gaining weight, I can gain weight just looking at pictures. It isn't fair!

Now how long will you be in Sudan?

Gaston Studio said...

Hey, thanks Michel for plugging my blog. About the award you're NOT giving, I think you should reconsider 'awarding' me a percentage of the Expat Food Network... it was, after all MY idea!

Can't wait to see the pics once you get your license. I have to admit that one's a bit wierd, we didn't have to have licenses in Bahrain or Egypt, but they would point their guns at you if you tried taking pics of ANY embassy residence!