Saturday, March 28, 2009

That's Gonna Leave a Mark!!! I found out something distrubing. So you know how the Embassy provides everyone with a large distiller so that we always have potable water?? (Potable! I always think that word is funny. Reminds me of POTUS, which always makes me giggle.....)

Sidenote: Today's acronym is POTUS -- ACTUALLY, I am not going to tell you! You have to guess. First correct answer wins. Although, I should probably caveat that there pretty much is no prize. (Kinda lame, I know!)

Anyway, can we get back to ME now?? Sheesh! So although I have been brushing my teeth with the local water (because I believe it helps me in some magical way) I have been diligently using the distilled water for my drinking water, coffee, cooking, etc. I'm always waaaay careful with that! Believe me, you only have to learn that particular lesson once!!! So I am filling up my water bottle and I finally notice that there is no noise that happens when I do that -- usually, you get water out, it automatically refills and then distills the water right then....and then I look... the distiller is NOT ON!

Not only have I been drinking what pretty much amounts to tap water, I've been drinking tap water that has been stagnant for the last 6 days -- MINIMUM. So in essence, I've been pouring myself a big ole glass of stomache ache and runs!!!

However, looking on the bright side, there technically IS no better diet on the planet!!!

And, in response to yesterday's post, after reading the emails and comments whereby you guys pointed out that perhaps it was not wise to actually sleep in a room where you have a neurological agent misting you as you sleep -- I checked the package on my Raid freshener and asked everyone here if they have lost their gross motorskills because of this. (WHO KNEW Raid on a continual basis would be bad??) Turns out, it is not Raid per se, but more like those candles that you light that keep the mosquitos away. Nobody Panic!! FALSE Alarm.

So no! The Raid will not kill me. The tapwater pretty much already has that covered.


Fragrant Liar said...

POTUS: Pretty Old Tapwater from Under the Sink?

Glad you will be mosquito free instead of fumigated. That would have been bad, eh?

Beth said...

POTUS: Private On Training is Utterly Stupid

And be careful with that diet statement. We don't need you looking like you are from Biafra. Hope you have plenty of TP (toilet paper). And the soft kind.

Gaston Studio said...

POTUS: President of the United States!

Jeez, did you see a doc about drinking the tap water? Maybe he could give you some 'ward it all off before it sets in' antibiotics or something.

So there's no prize for getting the acronym right? 'Cause I know I got it right!

Snowbrush said...

Potable IS a funny word. Sounds like water you would use to flush the pot with.