Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Another Crime Wave!!!

This time, THANK GOD, nobody has tried to Jack my recycling bin (and, I believe, in direct response to my blog where I previously bitched about how I was a victim of crime because someone viciously stole my recycling bin, Ashburn Village Homeowners Association brought me TWO shiny new bins!! I KNOW! How exciting is that!?!?!)

However, crime has returned to Northern VA!!! The mascots are being beat up. Yes, you heard me right...MASCOTS.

Now before you start thinking...well, they ARE annoying...nobody likes that stupid dance they do on the sidelines -- I'm not talking about those mascots (because everybody knows those guys have it coming. "Sit down! What's with your freakishly large head!? What the hell is a Boilermaker anyway!?")

I'm talking about that cow from Chick Filet and McGruff the Crime Dog (sorry! I just giggled a little on that one, it is kinda ironic, you gotta admit). Apparently, a metrobus driver stopped his bus to beat up McGruff. I'm not really sure what happened to the cow, but as he was standing on Rte. 7 in Sterling, VA. I suspect he was simply collateral damage from someone's road rage, because frankly, I've considered punching him for doing his little happy dance by the side of the road too.

And in even more exciting news.... Comedy Goddess (I have no idea how to make it so that you can link to her blog, but she is on my bloglist, you gotta go look it up - Stop being so lazy!!!! Can we get back to ME now?? SELFISH!!) indicated that I was the recipient of an award!!! However, once I found out that there was no cash involved in this award, I promptly lost interest. (just kidding...maybe...)

EVEN WORSE, there was WORK involved:

  • The first rule of this Meme (you decide, is it Me Me or Meme as in theme) is that you put Your Name in a Google search and post your results.

(a) it is ME me...(clearly); and

(b) although as humiliating as it is to admit, my google results: none. (Frankly google, that's a bit harsh. Couldn't you FAKE something?? RUDE)

So then, I'm supposed to pass this (which I assume is much, much more interesting if you actually FIND something) onto 15 others. ummm....I'm totally going to get a complex now. Before I was all, "Do you know who I think I am?" because I have literally NINES of followers...(damn I'm lame) soooo....I can't list followers like Comedy Goddess, So F U non-followers! I didn't want to ME-me you anyway!!

So here goes:

  1. Suzy (she was my first non-family follower, so she gets extra credit)

  2. Mrs. K

  3. Beth

  4. Manda

  5. Minoy

  6. Liz

  7. Brandy

  8. Qorn

  9. Daniel Craig (my God he's dreamy)

  10. Little Debbie

  11. Jason

  12. Justin

  13. Stephen Colbert

  14. Mark and Debbie

  15. Tonya


SuburbanCorrespondent said...

Hyperlinking is easy. Highlight the words you want to hyperlink (in this case, comedy goddess, say), look at the toolbar across the top of the box you are typing your blog post into, click on the icon that looks sort of like a globe with glasses, and then copy the url into the box that appears. Very simple, and you'll look oh, so blog-savvy...

Beth said...

All this techie stuff is making me want a drink out of the box o' wine.