Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Tah Dah!!!

And then the crushing disappointment sets in when you realize that I can't take pics to save my life.

SO, you deal with it.

Okay...so let's get right to it! THESE are the babies!

Are they not the cutest, little, grungiest (and somehow fattest) puppies EVER!? Of course, they are greasy and have ticks all over them...but I still love them.

Josh, you can rest easy -- the local guards won't let me take them...they said that maybe they will let them come into the housing compound...maybe.... but they were worried about them falling into the pool (I'm thinking it might actually be nice for them to be able to swim -- perhaps clean up a tad...I'm just saying puppies...a little personal hygeine will go a long way!)

This is the Catholic Church - you kinda can't see it; however, in my defense - that tree was NOT there when I started to take the picture..... I wasn't allowed to stop and get out of the car to take the photos (not by the Sudanese - they don't care as long as I have my license) but because I was on my way to a meeting (pretending to work) and I can't be that blatant in my goofing off. You see....it's a fine line... However, really REALLY exciting news that I don't think I have thrown in your faces yet - is that the Embassy celebrates all LOCAL holidays in addition to the USG approved holidays. (I mean, it would be rude not to do so.) This year, I pretty much get three Easters.
Jesus would want me to have it.

Fruit stand. (pics are small, I know - I'd be here all night trying to upload them if they were normal sized.....sorry man!) However, fruit here is tiny (so photo pretty much represents actual size) and not so yummy, as it turns out.

Burdj Hotel (can't spell that) - has a FAB gym and spa inside. It's almost like you're not here! However, yearly membership to this gym is close to $3K....Josh is probably not going to approve when we have access to at least three FREE gyms here. When you do the math, the sauna and steam room might not make up for the difference in price (Maybe. Check back with me in two months.)

We took these as I drove around.....it was not easy, we literally created traffic jams as I slowed to a crawl to take the pics...Right now, there are probably some Sudanese drivers who are just now getting over their road rage in the city out there somewhere. I should probably stay out of the downtown area for a bit to let it settle....
The Blue Nile -- which I do realize that you cannot really see....but I'll try to get better pics....I SHOULD actually go to the water and take a pic of that, but frankly, I'm too scared I might get some of it on me!
I think I've been pretty clear about how I feel about Nature touching me....


Anonymous said...

i think you should kidnap a puppy...enough said.

Manda said...

so .. the pics are BEAUTIFUL ... stay safe you always in our prayers . post more pics we love you! I really want to come visit ! did you know africa has always been the # 1 place i want to see before i die ... its FATE ! you were sent there to make my dreams come true love you !
the bements

Beth said...

Oh, I would have to sneak in a puppy. Could you bath the pup in the Nile? Wait a minute. Aren't there worms in the Nile? And crocodiles? Shit. On that note, you'd be feeding the puppies to the crocodiles. Lets just work on sneaking them into the compound.

Smart Mouth Broad said...

I bet that little pup would fit into a nice size handbag.

Gaston Studio said...

They are adorable so I see why you want them (and to de-tick, bathe, feed, etc.). Love the pics and so glad to finally see SOMETHING of where you are.

Re the hotel; isn't it funny how many Third World countries build these modern monstrasoties (I don't think I spelled that right!)?? They could so easily make the builders embody the country's culture and not blight the cityscape with these ugly things. Of course, that's my opinion and I'm sure you'll disagree just because you can!

Stay safe.

Michel said...

Jane! I totally AGREE with you (I know! nobody saw that coming!) AND, literally every arab country has that damn funky (sail shaped) hotel!! The palaces and other older buildings are fabulous (naturally can't take pics of those...however, I totally intend to ask and then shame them into letting me) - I'm not sure why they think that is so cool!

Elizabeth said...

To all of you who are encouraging Michel to adopt a puppy: What the hell are you thinking?! That's like saying, "Hey to celebrate successfully completing rehab, you should go on a five day bender!" Stop it!

Gaston Studio said...

Michel, you AGREE with me! OMG, that was way too shocking to read before my first cup of coffee!

But yeah, there are these incredible structures with awesome architecture and they build the sails. Who cares?