Thursday, March 12, 2009

An O on the End, and a Hi in the Middle

So apparently, I have offended Ohio. My in-laws demanded I put a stop to my copious harassment of Ohio (even though I CLEARLY indicated it was not the part of Ohio they were from) and then my friend Laurie called to point out that she, too, was from Ohio. She even sang the song! You heard me...Ohio has a SONG. (I don't think it will win any awards.) Obviously, Ohio-an-ians are easily offended. (Pennsylvaniaianaians are from heartier stock.)

However, in an effort to alleviate any future awkward holidays, I officially apologize for offending Ohio and insinuating that it smells like sour milk.

That milk has at least 2 days left.

So my departure has been delayed AGAIN - and this time, not by me or my homeless dog issues!!! I will be living in this hotel for another week -- and, as there is no TIVO here, I am forced to watch commercials. (I know!! How terrible is that???) And you know what commercial is STILL on?? That "Cash for Gold" commercial. And have you seen the news lately?? Apparently, people are SHOCKED that they are getting ripped off. They would send in a full envelope of gold and get like $12.

If only somebody could have seen that coming. But there was no way of knowing....It was unknowable. There should have been a sign.

I'm betting those people are from Oh -- I mean -- Kentucky....


Beth said...

Thank for this informational post. Last night, I was considering pulling out my gold teeth for a little extra cash. I think I'll just wait now.

And I've never been to Ohio, so you didn't insult me. But when said Ohio-ans-ians are in Georgia, I've noticed they don't know how to handle driving at the suggested speed limit. Just an observation.

Gaston Studio said...

OMG, unlike Beth, I had already had my gold teeth removed, what am I to do now but sell them for a measly $12!

I've been to Cleveland, does that count? It was a long time ago, but I distinctly remember asking myself if Ohio was actually in the US.