Monday, March 9, 2009

Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

So today was moving day. Bad enough, right? Well, I found out that my precious baby Kernel cannot stay with Brandy and her family. They were worried about their 3 year old because Kernel chases him around - not mean - but has never been around kids and they were scared. Kernel is also taller than Beckett, so I can see her point.

Totally understandable. And, if I had kids, I probably wouldn't put them at risk either (maybe, or I might leave them outside in the backyard and call a dog walker to come in 2x a day until I got home from work. Could go either way, frankly).

So today I have been in tears again, frantically trying to find Kernel a new home (within one week) and I had to delay my PCS departure because there was no way I could get him back from Michigan and settled by Thurs.

So how can I sit here and type sarcastic comments, you ask??

WELL, even though today totally still sucks, and I'm still on the verge of tears at any given moment, I have some truly amazing friends who put the word out to everyone -- and an amazing new friend I made through this blog who had a friend that might want him in NC (Thank you, thank you, thank you Jane) !

I now have 3 people who are interested, who have been going to the blog to look at the pics of Kernie (its kinda embarrassing that he is pretty much the ONLY pics on this blog), and are asking follow-up questions now. I gotta tell you, having 3 years of food, toys and cookies on hand is a good selling point. Write that down if you ever need to find a home for your baby.

I even had a lady call me to tell me that she will take him no questions asked if I cannot find a home, but that she already had 4 dogs, so this is definitely a last resort.

So thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you to Liz, Penny, Karen, Amy, Leslie, and Jane for putting out the word.

If any of you live in the Northern VA (Ashburn area) you should totally check out my good friends' website, Woofies. They walked Kernel since the day we got him, and Poods was one of their very first clients. They truly are Angels.

On the upside, I think I made the movers so uncomfortable with my constant bawling and snuffling that they managed to pack all the small stuff up in record time. They were out of here at like 2!!! This has NEVER happened in the history of all of my moves -- now they just come back tomorrow for the furniture and rugs, etc. (Note to self: remember tears for next move. Effective motivational tool).

Josh, you can call me now. I've stopped blubbering....for now.


kwr221 said...

Oh my gosh, I', almost crying for you.

And for Kernel, too. How upsetting and unsettling for BOTH of you!

If I lived closer and didn't have 2 cats and a husband who has said, "Noway,nohow,nomoredogs!" I would totally take Kernel. And even give hm back when you return.

I hope you find him a good home and that they start a blog to keep you in touch with him!

Beth said...

Oh no! If I were near you, I'd take you out for a beer or 10. And my sister is such a sucker for dogs. EVERY dog that finds it way onto my playground ends up living with her. And by living, I mean living a life better than many of my students.

I hope a new family materializes soon!

Gaston Studio said...

... was glad to be of help but you were the one that found the right solution for you and Kernel!