Tuesday, March 17, 2009


I cannot believe that I am writing a post today (although you guys probably can). But not from the Hilton, no! From the Mariott! So that is waaay different. I left the Hilton this morning in a huff -- and everybody knows you can't come crawling back when you storm out in a huff. (Perhaps I should have planned that better).

Today, I'm literally on my way to the airport to leave for Sudan....and I am called to tell me that the Ambassador STILL has not said yes to my arrival in Country. Therefore, I needed to delay my trip (again). So, even though I wanted to freak out and quit, I quickly remembered that I have no transferable skills to a job in the commercial world, and my hubby loves his gear and hobbies waaay too much to allow me to sit at home and watch TV all day (but wouldn't that be FAB?!). So, after quickly running through my options (poverty, homelessness, divorce, crime spree, and/or job as french fry manager at Wendy's), and decided instead to be thankful that it pretty much takes an act of God to fire a federal government employee. (So long as I don't decide to turn to a life of crime, I'm pretty much good to go. Blatant incompetence is not a valid reason to fire me. You should all hire on!!)

However, this was UNSAT!! So I decided to actually stand up for myself! I marched back into the office and told them I wasn't going to put up with this anymore! That someone needed to start listening to ME!

WEELLLLL, okay....technically, I got back into the office and then sent an email asking if it wouldn't be better to simply plan for me to leave next weekend as previously requested. They agreed. However, I DID take my time returning to the office!!!

So now, I am back in a hotel, but was too lazy to lug all of my luggage up to the room, so God only knows what I will be wearing to work tomorrow.

They should just be thankful I'm dressed, frankly. Don't make me pull out those sweats!!!


Beth said...

For some reason, this sounds like it could be a spin on a soap opera. And the lack of transferable skills makes it sound like you could be a teacher. Come apply ('cept we don't have any positions available)!

Selfishly, I was looking forward to a post from you! Glad to have you back - even if we didn't get the chance to miss you.

Gaston Studio said...

Isn't that just like our beaurucracy (did I spell that right?)to waste our time while not making up their/its mind?

Shoot, I was looking forward to a post from you too, but I thought it would be about you being held hostage in the Sudanese airport because of trying to carry all those sweaty sweats into that pristine, Singapore-like country!

Double shoot!!

kwr221 said...

Oh, the Marriott is better than Hilton. Enjoy it. ;-)

I can't believe they're making you WORK through this.