Saturday, April 25, 2009

What Kind of Hobbies Do you Enjoy?

God, I truly, TRULY hate that question!

I swear EVERYONE asks it, and every time they do, I feel like a total loser! I mean, DEFINE hobby. I have reviewed a number of resumes where people list exotic things like, mountaineering, philantrophy, rebuilding car engines, language studies, jewelry deisgn, and underwater basket weaving.

Damnitt! I gots nothing!!

Therefore, I start making up shit to fill in my hobby-less void. Ummm...well, I like reading (Nobody ever assumes I'm reading trash - but I am!! People, Cosmopolitan, the Twilight Series, you name it, if it is something you would want to hide under an issue of the economimst you bought for cover on an airplane - I'm reading it!!) writing (I totally have to write all day at work and then I spout my nonsense here - that has to count, right??) the outdoors (I go outside everyday to get to my car and go to work. AND, as I have mentioned before, I do love nature, I just don't want it to touch me...) and volleyball (come on! what are the odds someone is going to make me prove that?)

So, let's just be honest for a bit here: I'm LAZY. Hobbies require dedication, work and comittment. I don't really take to any of those!! Plus, I am neither artistically nor athletically inclined. Previously, in my desparate quest to acquire a hobby I could throw out when asked, I have tried a million things -- you name it, i have tried to make it my hobby!

I once bought all the stuff required for "stamping" where you make your own greeting cards. I totally loved the card I recieved from my friend Julie and asked her to teach me how to do it. It was super fun when I did it with her, she was showing me what to do, how to do it, and everything I made was fab....

And then I brought my stuff home....

I'm not sure what the hell we did differently, but my stuff was crap. I even bought a kit that had directions. It still turned out like a big ole mess. I simply do not have the gift. I still have the kit and every 7 mos or so I will make a card and send it to a relative, whom I am sure thinks that I have stared working with a local orphanage and some random 3 year old made the cards for me...(I do not correct them...and would appreciate it if you wouldn't tell either...)

Plus, I often wonder where people get the TIME for these hobbies!? Maybe I require waay too much sleep (probably), but if I stay up past 10 on a school night I am a crabby-ass bitch the next day. It's just not worth it. I used to be confused...don't these people work? !

And then I married my husband.

This man does triathalon, climbs mountains, runs ultra marathons, dives, bow-hunts, goes backpacking, trekking, and can build awesome furniture (and not from a kit, from wood). He refuses to read a book unless you learn from it (although, I did con him into reading Marley and Me). (I KNOW! I have no idea why the hell he married me either!!)

Since then, he has taught me to go backpacking instead of camping next to the car in a tent with all my stuff around (which is still my favorite, fyi. And, for the record I instituted a firm 3 day limit unless there is a shower nearby), to run (max is 10k, I'm still lazy) and to scuba dive.

For making me go outside my comfort zone and try new things; Josh, I thank you.

For driving me nuts listening to your list of gear you and Dan have purchased for your upcoming trip to Denali; I curse you.

For accepting me for who I am and (more importantly) who I am not; I love you!

(Good Luck on your Broke-Backpacking Mountain trip with Dan Babe!! )


♥ Braja said...

Brokeback Mountain trip? Holy toledo...

Hit 40 said...

So many thoughts!!!

First - your hubby has time off to play and is not stopping by to see you :-( You are the best!!!

I also only read to learn - home repair books, gardening, tour books when going on a trip, damn math books (something about my job)

I will write it on your blog - not mine.... but scrapbooking and stamping are ridiculous. I do pop out a ready made scrapbook off a web photo shop. You just pick your pictures then it prints them all of in a book form. Excellent. But, to spend all the money $$$ and time to make a fancy scrapbook to stick in a drawer - IS CRAZY!!! OR to make a crafty card!! Forget it. Anymore... foks are just lucky to get a card.

My hubby is ultra bike riding man and he can bench a ton of weight. Both hubbies could hang out. And if he could tear himself away from his job.... I know he would drag me on a tent trip. He is taking a 250 mile bike overnight trip next weekend that he has been training. Where does he get the time.... this is why I blog!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am home with the 2 crazy boys.

The kids are old enough to keep themselves entertained, but Adam still likes my company 24/7. He will sit and watch me type. And... he loves to bring me ice water with a straw and a little origami flower in it that he whips up.

I really do love to bake/cook and flower garden.

Anonymous said...

really? volleyball!? Let's play! I played for a national team until I was 30 and got knocked up!! game on! :) - and that sounds more impressive than what it really was- but it was tough.

let's see- you need to find a different group of people because I don't have any friends who ask me what my hobbies are- just being around me they know what my obsessions are- and my entire group of friends is like me-we have verbal diarrhea- we say what we think- good or bad...and when one of us started scrapbooking (ok ME) the other one was all like- what the fuck is next? you're going to sew your own fucking clothes? so my friends, DON'T let me have certain hobbies without harrassment.

But I did stop scrapbooking- it was too tedious- so the first 2 years of my daughter's life are well documented- the rest? well I hope she has a good memory- shit I shoudl have written a post about this.

blognut said...

I'm howling over here reading this because I can't get it together for a hobby either. I run a little, slowly (unless there's something scary chasing me), I read (trash mostly, but not always). I tried to save all kinds of important things for my kids so I could do a scrapbook for each of them, but instead, they have scrap rubbermaid bins filled with crap, no books. There will never be books. I do not enjoy that shit, and I am not proud of it.

darsden said...

get lil post there Michel... I have several hobbies but my favorite is stalking ;-)

I like fun hobbies...not stressful or too marathons for me. My kind of camping is in my parents camp house on the lake.. I don't like snakes or spiders or bears.
The woods seem to have all of those.

Braja...that was damn funny!

Comedy Goddess said...

No but seriously, what's your favorite hobby?

Michel said...

Braja: that is exactly what Liz and I have been calling it to them. They are as giddy as little kids for this!

Hit 40: If I get a slew of angry comments about your dissing someone's hobby, i'll come over there and open up a comment on gay marriage, abortion and how America should really consider Shariah Law....

Mrs. K: haha! Well Played! And, my FRIENDS don't ask me what my hobbies are - they KNOW I don't have any damn hobbies!!! It's random people I meet for work and at stupid work functions. It is like the only damn question they know!

Blognut: it is like we were twins, separated at birth - naturally, I'm the good twin!

Darsden: so what I am hearing is that you got nothing either!?! I knew I was going to like you...

Comedy Goddess: hahaha! nicely done!

darsden said...

had to come back after I was feeling abused .. but after wondering what that first word was suppose to be (that came out get) WTF I must have been sleep commenting! so ur right this time... i got nothing! *fist pump in the air.. I'll be back youspongyhotchickenlover

Jason, as himself said...

Those things you do? They ARE your hobbies, silly. Hobbies don't have to require dedication or money, they're things you enjoy doing in your spare time. The end.

If you sit and stare at the wall because that's what you like to do in your free time, goshdarnit, that's your hobby!

Pseudonymous High School Teacher said...

Nobody ever asks me about my hobbies? Hm.

Justin said...

Michel, you make people laugh. There's a hobby!

Fragrant Liar said...

Well, since Jason, as himself, said it, I like to stare at the wall and that's my hobby and that's my story and I'm sticking to it.

gmcountrymama said...

This is the funniest post I've read today! Thanks for the laughs.
You forgot Donuts. Can eating Donuts be a hobby?
I used to scrapbook and I am good at most things crafty, but finding the time is not easy.
I would never answer anything sporty. I have to pretend I enjoy watching my kids play sports. Snore...

Gaston Studio said...

I had to google Denali and that looks like heaven, no wonder Josh and Dan are all giggly!

I've always been handy with my hands and like to make and build things but now that I've turned that into (what is supposed to be!) a vocation, I guess my only other hobbies are cleaning the house, doing yard work and picking up dog poop. Oh, and reading in between everything else.

You're lucky you don't have a hobby! It's all too exhausting!

Smart Mouth Broad said...

Yeah, he's gonna love that "Brokeback Mountain" quip. I can't seem to find time for hobbies either but wait...............Blogging. Blogging is a hobby, right? We do that. It takes great skill and ummmm, errrr, hmmm .....persistence to dish out this crap everyday.