Friday, April 3, 2009

Welcome to the Third World!!

This internet is pissing me off!! It is NOT working!! Driving me crazy. I'm not sure why I can't just be patient - someone will fix this -- but damnitt. I do not have TV, can only watch movies on my laptop, and I cannot call anyone unless I use Skype.


I was so excited when I heard about; you know, the website where they show you TV shows?! They have The Office, etc. I was sure I could keep up with the latest on dit and be able to join in all the banter with my colleagues. However, (even before the stupid intenet connection started acting up) I tried to log onto that site only to be totally snubbed - with a notice that the programming was only available to people in the United States.

Newsflash for you HULU!!! TECHNICALLY, they make me pay all my State and Federal taxes whilst I live overseas because they claim that the US Embassy and all of our housing is (for all intents and purposes) US sovereign soil. NOW, if I can't get the ex-pat benefit of not paying for someone to fix the potholes in Loudoun County, VA then someone better DAMN WELL grant me access to the US websites!!!

THIS IS AN UNSPEAKABLE OUTRAGE (thank you Beth for the fodder)!!!!!

AND, if I can't use the internet to read all your blogs and/or the commentary on the daily news how will I know what my opinion is or what to think about things? If this keeps up I may actually have to read the actual news from a newspaper and form my own opinion and/or think for myself...

I KNOW!!! Obviously, that is crazy talk! The intenet connection made me do it.


Anonymous said...

well that blows...i found a website to watch

Mary@Holy Mackerel said...

That sucks the big one.

I thought embassy-type peoples could do whatever they wanted, within limits?? So, what's with not having Internet? That just cannot be.

I hope you get it fixed soon!!

Smart Mouth Broad said...

That's it! I'm writing my congressman! I wonder if he will listen to a Smart Mouth Broad?

Gaston Studio said...

Shoot! Smart Mouth took the words right out of my mouth and I'm not even a smart mouth broad nor do I possess any great wisdom!

I think you should just take a long weekend and go to Sharm El Sheikh where you can enjoy the beach, get drunk and have reliable internet connections.

Beth said...

That is an UNSPEAKABLE OUTRAGE! A real one! A US citizen at a US Embassy in a 3rd world county should be allowed access to all US websites.

Who do I need to start calling?