Friday, May 29, 2009


Sometimes the temptation is simply too great - and you give in. You make some bad decisions - perhaps there was some bacon vodka involved and you simply do something that you know you shouldn't do, but you just do it anyway. You know in your head that people will feel betrayed, will question your integrity and maybe even your sanity... and finally, you know fully well that God is Gonna Smote you.

But you do. it. anyway.

NO SHIT....There I was......

I was smack dab in the middle of it. There was yelling, there were fists raised and gestures made at us (very inappropriate gestures I might add!)

When faced with this obviously excited mob, did I panic? Did I cower? Did I cry? No way!
I submit to you that I DID NOT! I stood firm. I took my pictures because I knew that you -the blog readers - needed to see the type of situations I face on a DAILY basis here in Sudan (well, okay, maybe only on a weekly basis - technically on Fridays...whatever. I was THERE!)

Suffice it to say that I am truly on the cutting edge of diplomacy. I am SINGLE HANDEDLY making the world safe for democracy..... So I say again...NO SHIT!! There I was.....

Wait. They sent a cheerleader to the angry mob??

Oh yeah, that's right. I was at Nuba Wrestling -- in the VIP section.... My bad.

Seriously though, that SHIT WAS FUN. The first pics were pics of the crowd when someone takes a guy down. They literally run onto the "field" (and I use the term loosely) - people dance and they create a huge scene -- the police literally start to beat them back with sticks.

The wrestlers pull people's hair, throw dirt in their eyes and there was even some ball grabbing and twisting. And none of those activities is a foul. Nay, that is playing to win, my friends...playing to win.

These guys were ginormous -- would you (any of the boys that read this blog) want someone that size twisting your junk?? My god. That takes some ba.... oh wait.

It was friggin awesome. I totally cannot wait to go again!!! You guys GOTTA see this!! It honestly is worth the trip!
Okay, maybe not THAT cool, but if you're coming here - say to visit me - then it would totally be on your list of things to do.... I'm sure, however, that you would show up with alcohol, pork, and cake... RIGHT!?


Gaston Studio said...

That's really cool; Nuba wrestling. Is that like Nubians wrestling, you know, those really tall, big built guys from Nubia?

Wait, what is the prize for the winner of this playing to win game?

Michel said...

Jane: Actually, Nuba is different from Nubia - Nuba is from the Nuba mountains in southern Sudan. Nubia is northern Sudan/Southern Egypt.

But they are huge guys.

Prize? My admiration.

marathoner81 said...

Very cool - thanks for sharing the pics. Lots of smoting and things having to do with balls today.

lakeviewer said...

How long are you stationed in Sudan? I guess I could go through your old posts and get a bunch of facts and try to figure it out. No?

Michel said...

M81: I just saw your post on the coffee -- it keeps booting me - i suspect you've blocked my ability to tell you what I think!! HOWEVER, TMI!! TMI!!! TMI!!!

Lakeviewer: Yes, as everyone always tells me - Look it up.

JUST KIDDING - 2 years with the OPTION to extend for a third.

Pastor Sharon said...

Wow. . . is there some kind of seating arrangements for this Nuba wrestling or do you have to stand around kinda like a playground fight only with adults?
Where can I get tickets. . . and if I come, I will bring the three items of course. . . besides we couldn't have communion without alcohol. . . unless you prefer grape juice. . . BTW. . . God says "Hi and thanks for keeping me laughing! It's working!"

Hit 40 said...

I do not see any women in the crowd. I looked and looked??? I wonder how they felt about you being there. Very brave of you. I am a big chicken. I do not even shop after dark at my local grocery store.

Those men are BIG!! I see a huge NFL contract for them if you bring them back to the states!!! SERIOUSLY!!! Does the NFL know that they are there? You could get some $$$ being their backer!!!!

darsden said...

they are some really big dudes...and how did you get to stay there when there were no other women...hummm were you in diquish. No wonder you don't want to come back to the states.. with entertainment like that...LOL

otin said...

Looks like when I got lost in Birmingham Alabama!

blognut said...

How freakin' cool is that?!

I will totally bring you alcohol, cake, and pork if I come to Sudan. Maybe we'll combine the three items into some special recipe of alcohol soaked baconcake.

Pseudonymous High School Teacher said...

It's perks like this that make me really happy I started blogging. That's awesome. Don't forget next time to get your picture taken next to one of those guys. Like a measuring stick for us.

Pastor Sharon said...

Stop by my blog spot and pick up a gift I have there for you.

Midlife Jobhunter said...

"however, that you would show up with alcohol, pork, and cake... RIGHT!?"

Absolutely, I'll bring the alcohol. How interesting life must be far from home.

♥ Braja said...

So next Friday you'll be there in some sexy lycra, ready for your Nuba Wrestling Tournament, yes? lol...oh, they'd LOOOOOVE that, no?

Smart Mouth Broad said...

Can I bring a bull horn? I would love to be the obnoxious fan with a bull horn.

Dee-Zigns Handcrafted Jewelry said...

Hey, what the heck is bacon vodka? I like bacon and I like vodka, but don't think I'd like bacon vodka! Did I read something wrong?
Everything else was a blur after reading bacon vodka.

Michel said...

Pastor Sharon: My only requirement with communion is that it is not in a shared cup with people I don't know. That totally grosses me out unless and until I am drunk and then I dont' seem to care that much - go figure. (ps don't tell god I said that)

Hit40: You have just given me a very good idea to make some extra cash that does not involve a life of crime. I will have to consider this carefully! There were women, but they were in the seats!! (With me!)

Dar: YOU'RE BACK! Yaay! I thought we broke up there for a minute!

Otin: don't quote me, but I think you just might be going to hell for that comment. Ask pastor Sharon to be sure. But I'm almost positive.

Blognut: boozybaconcake.....mmmmmm I think Mrs. K has the recipie.

Pseudo: I assume I'm going to get some kind of nobel peace prize for my cultural awareness pieces. Maybe next year. I've got my fingers crossed.

MJH: It is not boring here. I will give you that!

Braja: you laugh, but a guy in our office here totally wants to do it. We pointed out the package grabbing, but he is undeterred. Needless to say, there WILL be pictures.

SMB: Someone already beat you to that - but with a real bull horn and he would walk around blowing it - seriously....this game was awesome. you have GOT to see it.

Toni - you see, you gotta keep up - I'm teaching so very much these days - my blog is both informative and enlightening...or something like that.

Kelly's Ideas said...

I wanna see the youtube video... next time bring the video camera!
Great pictures!


NAYER said...

I saw your lovely blog and I stopped at this post, I was in that place last time in 6/4/2009 ... did you take this pics in that time or it's older?
It's nice sport, I guess it's the lonely sport in the world that the loser smile in the face of winner and carry him with a pleasure... I hope you all the best and have good days in Sudan


Mary@Holy Mackerel said...

Wish I was there. Those cuties would have made my day. Nay, my week.