Tuesday, May 5, 2009

I Just Don't Have It In Me Today...

Okay, before I begin - what the hell is the rule with title capitalization again? Every single stupid day I go through this (and have chosen to handle it by using random capitalization and/or all caps) - Do I capitalize EVERYTHING? I clearly remember Mrs. Dean harping that you didn't capitalize something...I recall short words... DAMNITT! WHY DON'T I EVER LISTEN!?

I know there are teachers out there who read this (and a principal too, you know who you are!!) so you need to educate me! Isn't that your sacred duty??

I blame society.

ANYWAY, I just kinda don't feel funny today. Today frankly pissed me off -- and I debated whether or not to even post anything - but in reading everyone else's blogs (because I'm a stalker deep down inside, where it really really counts) - you all said it was like THERAPY.

Well, sit back and prepare to be my unpaid therapist! (remember, therapists are non-judgey -- therapees are the only judgey ones...because as you likely know due to your newly acquired online therapy degrees - your feelings are valid. You cannot control how you FEEL, simply how you react. )

Can you tell my mom used to sit my sister and I down in the living room and make us tell each other how the others' actions made us Feel?!?! "Well, Mel...when you did that, you made me feel as if you were a skanky pirate ho who lies to mom and dad about where you were last night...and that hurts me, deep down inside..." Funny, mom did not continue with her counseling career - she went into medicine. I wonder why? Lesson here: therapy is wasted on teenaged girls. (Or me. Could go either way).

I digress!!! Today I feel kinda pissy and snarky. So be warned! In fact, I am sure that at least one thing I intend to say in this post is going to piss at least one of you off. So here goes - prepare yourselves!!!

Actually I'm kinda scared....So far the comments have been pretty nice and supportive; I really do like it much much better when everyone agrees with me...Can't we all just get along?? (And when I say "get along" I mean agree with everything I say and do, and if you don't, simply ignore it - it will go away! Is that too much to ask?!)



To clarify, I sincerely appreciate that people (women AND men) participated in a movement that I absolutely benefit from on a daily basis in every aspect of my life - something that I undoubtedly take for granted (again, on a daily basis), not having experienced much of what women went through in the workplace, in daily life, and in general before now......

I respect your right to burn your bra or a copy of GQ magazine - you do whatever you wish. I will probably even join in if there is some kinda group think going on....(I'm trendy like that).

But DAMNITT! WHY must some people lecture me (and other women in the office) about why it is our DUTY to "make it to the top - to the most senior levels" insinuating that if I don't, everything they did - the sacrifices they made - will be for nothing???"

WTF! Why are you putting that kinda pressure on me!?

What if I do not want to make it to the top? What if I am perfectly happy doing a job to the best of my ability and am proud of what I have accomplished already?? I do not need (or want) anyone else to TELL ME what I want. Believe me, (as I think many of you can attest) I will tell you if I am unhappy with something or some situation! Vocalizing my dissatisfaction is not one of my problems.

I've always thought of it like this: I have been given the gift of the choice. The choice to choose to live my life as I see fit. If I choose to quit and stay at home, I should be able to do so without being judged. If I choose to work, but still think of it as a job rather than my life's career, I should be able to do that too. Frankly, I find it extremely insulting to insinuate that I should not want to maybe stay at home, raise a family, just do a 9-5 job and enjoy the life I have chosen! As if my identity or self-worth hinges on my seniority or pay at work.

That is flat ass wrong.

And you know what else?? (See, you really shouldn't let me get on a roll here....therapy should have quit while we were ahead)....

Sometimes the reason that you didn't get or achieve something is simply because of something YOU did or did not do, not because the man brought you down.

Where the hell are my Little Debbies!?


Extranjera said...


Gough, gough.

Forgot totally what I was gonna say.... too relaxed.

Can I please have another grape? And while you're at it pour me another glass.

You! More fanning, less talking!

Not equality, but superiority.


marathoner81 said...

oohhh I hate it when people get all preachy like that. Maybe they're just miserable and trying to bring you down with them!

Anonymous said...

Say wha? I just had a glass of my home made sangria which is super spiked so I missed most of it but I say- hear hear! you know what I say?

when I die, I won't say- gosh I wish I had stomped all over Joe and Sue climbing my way to the top...nope. I'm happy doing just what I'm doing thank you very much and go fuck yourself if you judge me for that (not you- the other one, yes you)

otin said...

Maybe it's my sense of humor, but I found that post pretty funny! you should come chat with me and Eileen later, or earlier or whatever the hell time it is where you are! LOL!

darsden said...

Michel, I am very Proud of Who you are! I too believe it is your choice to do what you want with your life :-)I am also Proud to call you my friend (even though you aren't suppose to be "friends" with your therapist-and never mind we live countries away) Yes, capitalized to drive my Point home. You are just perfect the way you are doing what YOU want to do. Believe me you bring a lot of joy and laughter to us all. Big {hugs}

Gaston Studio said...

Do what you want to do. Period.

If you can't be happy at your work, you'll make Josh miserable at home and yourself to boot. And while you're spreading the misery around, poor Jack and Kernel will become infected with it (like they'll feel your aura from this great distance, see) and they simply won't be the same great kids, I mean dogs, when you go to reclaim them in 2 years.

Don't allow them to make you feel bad about yourself just because they probably feel about about their choices to climb the career ladder and kick the hell out of whoever they deem is in their way to get to the top.

Besides, they're just jealous that you're not going to have to kick and scream your way to where you want to be... because you're already there and happy!

Hit 40 said...

Otin usually is LMAO. Apparently this post just LOL!

I will post the best one that I have in my pile to cheer you up tomorrow.

I imagine the 118 degrees yesterday wore you out!

Captain Dumbass said...

Get this woman a Chem-7, CBC and a Little Debbie, stat!

Heidi said...

Hahahahah! See you are still funny when you are being serious.
I still like men to hold the door open for me. And I have no desire to advance my nursing carreer.

Nanc Twop said...

'' what the hell is the rule with title capitalization again?''The rule is:

Its Your Blog, So You Rule...
put the big ones anywhere you want.


Fragrant Liar said...

Here's the thing. Steinem, Gurley-Brown, all those trailblazers (and all the women before them), went through all that shitstorm so that women could have the choice. Not because they determined that every woman should do exactly what they did, but just, very simply, to give women the choice. So there.

And remember this, young Sudanean maiden transplant, your job is what you do; it's not who you are.

So let it be written, so let it be done. (Some king said that over near where you are. Or maybe it was just Yul Brynner.)

Char said...

You just put a big o cap anywhere and anytime you WANT to. You DO what YOU want to. If there's too many bodies at the bottom of the ladder, just don't look down. Or, if there's too many at the top, don't look up. Just do what you want for you.

Fragrant Liar said...

Oh, and to your kickoff question: Mainly mostly prepositions. Prepositions don't get capitalized. Itty bitty words like "a" and "the" don't get capped unless they're at the beginning of a title. Feel better?

blognut said...

Just hit 'caps lock' and type your whole post. No pressure.

Also, your view is more feminist than the people who are preaching at you that you have to make it to the top. You are exactly right (and I'm just agreeing because I'm your therapist), the movement was about the right to choose. It's not a duty, it's a choice.

'k, honey? Calm down now and pour yourself a nice glass of something to go with your Little Debbie snacks. Tomorrow is another day. :)

blognut said...

Lol! I meant to say I'm NOT just agreeing because I'm your therapist!

Freudian slip? How the hell do you spell Freudian? Is it e before u unless you have to poo? Or u before e until you pee. Oh hell. Where's that damn teacher?

Lyndsay said...

So you caught me on the whole capitalization thing, I suffer from the same disease. My blog title, for instance:

I Used to be Witty (those wierd little words)
I Used To Be Witty (doesn't look right)
I used to be witty (About to poke a pencil in my eye)

Okay, back to feminism. I'm totally the captin of your boat on this one lady. Oops, woman. Oops, I mean person. Shit. Damn feminists.

Lyndsay said...

Um, yeah, CAPTAIN of your boat. Apparently non-feminist-supporters also can't spell ...

Beth said...

So does this mean you are about to become the leader of Sudan? Then I'll bet you're going to try and take over the world.

Its all about you and Little Debbie now, isn't it?

Smart Mouth Broad said...

Girlfriend! Who the hell were you talking to today? You'll get no judgment from me. I sincerely wish that I had been born in an earlier time. I would have liked to have stayed home and baked peach pies and chocolate chip cookies. (Forget that I have already confessed that I can't bake because I hate to measure) I could make a life out of making a bed properly. Well...........that and blogging. *wink*

Michel said...

Ok! They are making me go to work (AGAIN!? How long must we continue to play this game?!) So I don't have time to respond to everyone's comments individually - but I just wanted to say THANK YOU to everyone. You guys really ARE good therapists!!

Why the hell would anyone pay money for that when you can get it free here!?

I feel MUCH better now and will tell my new arch nemesis to F off...smelly pirate ho.

darsden said...

Dammit and I was so l@@king forward to sparing with you tonight...(stomping around) dammit. Tell that smelly pirate ho I am pissed off at her too and she will be sorry!!! No fun for dar tonight...and I was so l@@king forward to slapping you around I mean spending quality time with you tonight!

Hit 40 said...

I stole your site meter idea from you :-) I can now see who is stalking me.... Very nice!!

Anonymous said...

De-lurking here for a second to say . . . good for you!

People who worry overly about YOUR choices should maybe consider looking at their OWN choices. Sheesh.

Oh, and didn't you hide the Little Debbies in the freezer yesterday?

Mary@Holy Mackerel said...

They need to mind their own business and worry about their own lives, instead of planning yours out. And you need to take another drink and loll about. :o)

amy said...

I'm not gonna lie to ya...I got as far as "Gloria Steinem" and skimmed after that. It's late, I'm tired, and I'm thinking I agree w/ everything you said.

I stay at home with my kid. I am college-educated. I think that makes me the doormat upon which all the women who aren't wastes of skin like me step as they haul their "I made something of myself" asses up the stairs to their fancy-schmancy offices.

Wait, that's not accurate. They'd take the elevator. My bad.

Pseudonymous High School Teacher said...

96 degrees huh... If this letter doesn't work I don't know what will.