Saturday, February 28, 2009

Brandy's Here!!!

And she arrived with the mission to save my sanity. Turns out, we're both here to ruin any diet and/or healthy eating program either of us may have started. (This is not a shock to anyone who knows us...)

GREAT NEWS is that she and her hubby Jesse have agreed to take Kernel if (God forbid) stupid Lufthansa doesn't let him on the plane. (I guess I should not call them stupid yet...that SAINTLY, forward leaning Lufthansa that will totally let my precious baby boy on the plane.) Even better news is that Brandy's hubby, Jesse is probably a bigger dog freak than I am and I KNOW that Kernel will have a great home -- frankly, a bigger, nicer home with a huge yard! SO, I may make it through this move next week without having to resort to buying Xanax or Oxycontin on the street.

Which is a good thing because, as the USG gave me a security clearance and I think they frown on that. I can't be sure though...

For your reference, Brandy is one of my best friends starting way back in high school. There were many a class where the teachers would try to separate us by assigning seats. I remember Mr. Durney, our Junior class literature teacher would get so furious at us that the vein in the top of his forehead that would visibly throb. I'm sure it was a medical condition though, and not something I did...yeah....

You have to remember that this was the days BEFORE text messaging, so unless you knew sign language -- which we did try to learn, but were both too lazy to complete -- you had to talk. And we had a LOT to say! ALL OF IT, critically important. One day, Mr. Durney had had enough. He screamed, "EVERYBODY UP!" and then made this long speech on how he was going to assign us seats and that we had to sit there PERMANENTLY - no exceptions. These were our assigned seats for the rest of the year.

Brandy's name literally would come right after mine in the dictionary. I thought Mr. Durney was going to have an aneurysm right there after he read out the new seating chart. We, of course, handled it with maturity and grace. Either that, or we acted like little bitches. We'll probably never know.

Brandy is the one person who ALWAYS got into trouble - and Laurie and I were always with Brandy. However, in her defense, Brandy usually got into trouble because of some scheme or plan that Laurie or I came up with. Her fault was that her execution of our plans were faulty. Brandy was the female version of Eddie Haskell. She would come over to my house and go, "Hello Mrs. (blah blah)! What a lovey frock you are wearing. Did you do something different with your hair?" My mother would visibly cringe. Frequently, throughout our highschool years, my parents (mostly mom) would literally ground me FROM Brandy. (I gotta give my parents credit, they were creative.)

Anyway, we're both a lot older, chubbier, and a little bit wiser. Instead of heading out to get a Martini and go dancing, we went to Blockbuster and rented a movie. All in all its been a great weekend.

I would posted a picture, but i can't find the stupid memory card for the camera!! I blame Josh!!!!

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