Monday, February 2, 2009

Seeking Volunteers

Would anyone be interested in, perhaps, handling this upcoming move to Sudan for me? Turns out there is a LOT to do, and I do not seem to be accomplishing much of anything at this point. You would think that after literally years of this, and fours of moves to foreign countries, I would have figured out some sort of system to prepare myself. Obviously, my laziness overcomes any potential forethought or planning. Next time will be different.

What I should be doing:

  • Figuring out how much dog food the boys go through per month so that I can purchase a stockpile of the Special (read high priced and inconvenient to purchase) food that Kernel's sensitive tummy requires. Obviously, this number is unknowable! I'll just get 7 and call it good. What could possibly go wrong??;

  • Making a list of consumables and other items I need for a long term move to Sudan. (Word on the street is that a small thing of butter is about $12 there. I heard something about a food shortage or something like that. Of course, if the person who told me this is anything like me, it was probably in reality about $1 more than here, but that person had to make their point!) However, what if it IS $12...Then, 'tis robbery! Clearly, Sudan is inhabited by pirates. I'm not paying that crap;

  • Cleaning out my closet of all the clothes that were on sale and I was sure that I would love because they were like 45% off, or do not now (and I can't even remember a time when they did) fit me. I like to call them my "wishful thinking" clothes;

  • Going to the post office to get the "So You're Moving" packet and start preparing to sweet talk the utility companies into setting us free; and

  • Filling out the paperwork the property management company asked me to do last month that is currently sitting in the kitchen cupboard with the tax documents that I am hoping the tax fairy comes to my house to do.

What I actually AM doing:

  • Writing this stupid blog;
  • Making "why I shouldn't have to do this," and "what the hell has Josh done lately" excuses.
  • Anxiously awaiting the second book in the Twilight series to arrive from

Seriously! Any volunteers?? There's literally Tens of dollars in it for you....

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