Sunday, February 22, 2009

Why You Should Be Feeling Sorry for Me!

We are now about 2 weeks out from the movers. I have made approximately 722 trips up the damn stairs with the crap I have purchased at Costco, PetSmart, and Target - I never did get around to making an actual LIST of what we would need for the next few years in Sudan. Rather, I decided to just wing it. I'm guessing I will regret this decision, however, in my defense, I can barely decide what to buy at the store for the WEEK, so God only knows what you would buy for a YEAR.

I did manage to get Garlic Powder and salt!! (I use them in EVERYTHING and would frankly be lost without it.) Sparkling H2O, and condiments. I think I might have bought a few cases of Cream of Mushroom soup too. I figure, if all else fails, you can always make something out of that (but never really soup, as it turns out...)

However, now we are at the hideous stage of the move. The stage where I can no longer go to the grocery store because I am forced to eat all the crap we have bought and never decided to eat. Tonight for dinner: Curried Red Lentil Soup (don't ask. I was in an organic phase - its over! Rest easy.) and tonic water. I can't bring myself to re-open the bag of dried fruit. I already ate the good ones out of it, now its left with half a bag of unidentifiable "fruit" things. By next Sunday, I'll probably be desperate enough to eat it. Today? not so much.

My other question for you is: Why do we have 18 bottles of tonic water?? In an unfortunate turn of events that nobody could have possibly foreseen coming, I gave away the 3/4 full bottle of gin yesterday - now I'm left with gin-less tonic water. 'Tis an abomination.

Tonic water should be forced to put a warning label on it: WARNING! May case gag reflex if attempted to drink without gin.

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