Saturday, February 21, 2009

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Titles are hard...

Today Liz came over to help me try to organize myself for this move and even agreed to go on a Costco run with me (clearly, she is a saint -- or she wants something...). She reminded me of a HILARIOUS story about my hubby that I forgot to mention on the blog -- probably because it wasn't about me. (I'm not sure if you've noticed or not, but I tend to be a tad bit shallow and self-centered. However, in my defense, I like to think that is part of my overall charm.)

When Josh was back here on R&R, he and Dan went on (literally for hours at a time) about the gear they might need for their upcoming trek into Denali National Park (which I frankly would not have even noticed had it not been for the continual mentions of Denali in the Twilight series. I miss the Cullen family. We should go visit....) Anyway, after a circa 17 hour debate on whether they should have a -40 degree bag or whether a -20 would be fine, Josh started his internet research on Sleeping bags. After reading 27 pages of reviews, he settled on the bag from Feathered Friends - which pretty much sounds like a pet store specializing in flying rodents, and not a premier outfitter in Seattle. Frankly, if they hired me for their marketing, I think I could do a lotta good....first step: change the retarded name.

ANYWAY, he ordered the bag, but after talking to Dan and experiencing some buyers remorse, he called them back up while we were in the car. He's speaking to the sales agent (who sounded like he was about 17 years old and experiencing a contact high from bear poop). Josh wanted to make sure the bag he ordered would be warm enough, so he asked if he could purchase the option to add 6 extra ounces of down into the bag.

Josh: I'd like to add the extra down... how much will you do?
Kid: yah Dude! we can do 2, 4 or 6 ounces.
Josh: I'll do 6.
Kid: cool
Josh; Wait. Can you tell me how much more that will make the bag weigh?
Kid: ummm..about 6 ounces dude...

How hilarious is that!?? If you could have heard that stoner kid. He sounded all sarcastic, like Josh was the one sniffing the grizzly poo. Clearly, Josh meant how much larger would it make the bag when you tried to pack it up, but you had to hear that guy. It was priceless.

Anyway, Josh and Dan have strict orders to inform us if they see any vampires on their Broke Backpacking Trip, as Liz has named it.

And back to me and my gripes: I am frantically trying to pack up the house and even managed to get rid of all my ill-fitting, paint splattered clothing, the BBQ, and all the booze today, I received yet another package in the mail from REI. Apparently, Josh is sending packages of gear he has ordered to the house for me to drive over to Liz and Dan's house - because he doesn't want to inconvenience them by having to pick up the package on their doorstep.

What do you think my odds would be for acquittal if I had him killed right now??

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