Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Downside to Security

Remember how great is was when everything went online? How you didn't have to trudge out of your house because you could easily access all your accounts via the internet. Remember how fab the information age was gonna be???

There's a catch!

You have to remember (or have actually written it down and kept in a safe place as they instructed, and then you had to REMEMBER where that place was) your username and password. Then, when you fail to meet even those basic standards, you have to remember what you made up for your secret question. I always choose "what is your pet's name?" because I'm one of those crazy pet people. Simple, right?? You guys could now all access my accounts, right??

No. Not even I can access them! Problem is...I have TWO pets....combine that with that it also hinges on WHEN you set up this online account. Before the current pets, I had a kitty, and a few random strays that have either passed on or were adopted by some suckers I found along the way. (i mean kind, caring individuals) AND, I didn't want to seem like I was showing favoritism to one pet, so I would switch off. I'd remember, right??

Not so much.

Another downside: If you continue to get your question wrong, it locks out your account.

Then you have to call. And each call takes approximately 48 mintes of which 42 of those you are on hold waiting for the next available representative. Frankly, if my call were important to them, they'd just answer the damn phone. Then when the rep finally does answer your call -- I'm inevitably startled and forget who I'm calling. Once I stammer through some basics - finally ending with "I just want to change my mailing/billing address." They tell me that I cannot do this over the phone, I have to either log onto my account or come down to the office.

Newsflash snotty smarties at the utility companies....I'm not the one with the vested interest that your bill gets paid. I'm not going to be here. Go ahead and mail it to this address.

When your bills are returned as undeliverable, feel free to give me a call. Your call is important to me. My next available representative will be with you shortly.

PS: Add Dominion VA power and Washington Gas to our list of companies we hate (reminder note: KLM was the first company on the list).

Girl Scouts, you've been warned. WHERE THE HELL ARE MY THIN MINTS!?

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Beth said...

Great post! I am always getting locked out of accounts. It reminds me of my high school days when my parents would forget I was gone and lock the stupid deadbolt (now you know why I have issues).

I recently started a folder where I've started writing all the accounts down with the username and password information. The folder is cleverly called Passwords - because I don't want to lose it amongst all the others.