Sunday, February 15, 2009

And Then There Were Three...

So I just happened to look at the Calendar and noticed that I pretty much have three weeks left until the movers arrive. Why should you care, you ask?? You should care BECAUSE I'm going to bitch about this for the next three weeks, that's why!!! You should probably prepare yourself.

Three weeks to go through all my clothing and finally throw out the sweats and t-shirts that I got paint all over, but kept in case I needed it! (Trust me, it totally sounded plausible at the time);

Three weeks to sort through all the crap we have collected and put in the cupboard in case we needed it (but yet never did. WHO KNEW!?);

Three weeks to purchase consumables, beauty products and dog accoutrements to last three years;

Three weeks to organize the house into separate categories: Air Freight; Sea Freight; and Storage - and then figure out what to pack in the suitcases to last us until the air freight arrives in a month or so;

Three weeks to finish the work I have been putting off because it wasn't due yet - unfortunately, NOW it is....(although in my defense, NOBODY could have seen that coming.)

I'm sure I've got plenty of time. I mean, I have THREE WHOLE WEEKS. Plus, tomorrow is a government holiday - God Bless whatever day tomorrow actually is....Columbus? Martin Luther? President? Lincoln? Whatever it is, it is a holiday that I treasure and celebrate religiously EVERY year that I sleep in...

Come Tuesday, I will be back in the office, pretending to work, slaving away, juggling non-work related instant message conversations. When on earth will I ever find time to finish my to-do list??

Let's be realistic, I won't. The movers will arrive and I will be running around slapping post-its on stuff, praying that it ends up in the right shipment. If this move is anything like my previous overseas moves, it should be one exciting day when the air freight arrives and I have 2,500 pounds of Josh's tools and gardening crap! I will then have to purchase necessities such as towels, bedding, dog food, etc. on the local economy -- and it will probably cost us a year's salary.

If only there were some way that I could avoid this!?!?

Maybe this year I should try something new and be prepared?? Maybe this time I should organize everything and make sure it is securely labeled?? Maybe this time I should actually pay attention to what the movers are doing? Maybe this time I should carefully label the boxes and categorize them???


OR, maybe I will finish the last book in the Twilight Series....I still have three weeks. What could possibly go wrong??

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