Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Greatest Google Results EVER!

I shit you not - I gots my own Wikipedia page! Have you guys googled yourself lately? Seriously. Do it!

My favorite part (and I think we all knew this was coming):

See also

Although I am a bit concerned that they highlight that the name is "usually given to Spanish footballers" and that:

Gone in Michel, popular expression which can be used, in computer science, to describe a system that is going crazy and totally out of control

WTF Wikipedia?!

Deutscher Michel, personification of the German nation, usually depicted wearing a nightcap and nightgown

I probably should admit, though, that I do tend to wear my jammies on weekends if I gots nowhere to go and nothing to do. Getting dressed just seems like a whole lotta extra steps frankly. Why bother? I really don't see the point?!



From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Michel may refer to:



Fictional characters


  • Gone in Michel, popular expression which can be used, in computer science, to describe a system that is going crazy and totally out of control.[citation needed]
  • Michel, popular nickname for St. Michaelis church, Hamburg's signature icon
  • Michel, German auxiliary cruiser
  • Michel catalog (MICHEL-Briefmarken-Katalog), the largest and best-known stamp catalog in the German-speaking world
  • Michel parameters in particle physics

See also

  • The Korean Michel alias GFP (Gros Faux Propre) and his Gas factory (TB)dooda


♥ Braja said...

Oh I know honey, I also have my own page....it's beautiful being saintly isn't it.



♥ Braja said...

A little harder being so damned famous, but we'll adjust. I think drinking might be a good way though I haven't explored that option.....

mo.stoneskin said...

My work PC is driving me batty, yesterday it had gone in Michel all damn day.

tera said...

Oh sure... On Wiki you come up as a saint (wtf?) and I get porn!
Tera: "...the name of multiple pornographic actresses." (W!T!F!?)

I shit you not.
Look it up.

Unknown said...

Does Pastor Sharon know you're a saint? I'm telling.

Medora said...

I am afraid to Google myself. It sounds painful.

Anonymous said...

How amazing that you are a saint. I think there might be some areas you are hiding from those who decide on Saint"hood". But I promise I won't give you away. Keep basking in all that Saintliness!
Too afraid to google myself!

darsden said...

I used the term Gone Michel, but never Gone In Michel ;-)

Heidi said...

Cool, you're a stamp catalogue. I've never heard of the expression Gone in Michel so now I will try to fit it into a sentence daily.

Suzy said...

Uh, anyone can have a Wiki page. You just have to write it yourself!! You and Braja have been out of the US too long.

blognut said...

So. You're the Saint of Systems Gone Crazy.

Who didn't know that?

McGillicutty said...

Try Googling "do sea creatures have eyelashes" and you'll find me!! yeah, I know!! crazy shit.. the kind of thing that makes me LOL!!!

Hit 40 said...

Now I need to google my name!

I am sure your co workers enjoyed that your name is used in a phrase to describe a computer system going CRAZY AND OUT OF CONTROL.