Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The Public Has Spoken...

And by public, I mean my family (pretty much the only people besides Justin and Minoy who actually read this blog -- and frankly, I'm not so sure Minoy reads it)....Anyway, as I am sure you are all riveted to hear about the the exciting visit that Mom and Dad are having - I thought I should update you on our progress to date:

Dad made life-long friends with Kernell he now regrets this decision.

  1. We went to dinner at Clydes in Ashburn. However, it was a school night, so we had to be home by 8. In case you were wondering, Clydes has a black walnut Cannoli with pear cream filling that is to DIE for (Not that I had it or anything, I mean, it's what I heard...that's the rumor on the street, yo); there were no run-ins with the law (that anyone can prove):
  • I made them dinner at home;- was awarded the "Best Cook EVER" award; found out there was no monetary value attached to that award....I made them do the dishes; we watched a movie. (I had to go to bed after about 15 minutes. ) No adverse effects from dinner were reported. Award still stands...and still no money.

  • Brought my mom to the shoe store. Mom "bought" two pairs of shoes (I cannot confirm that she actually PAID for the shoes -- well, I mean...she IS my mother, I had to have gotten my penchant for crime from somewhere...). She produced a receipt for said shoes, but I cannot vouch for its authenticity.

  • We went to Anothai (YAAAY) with Minoy. Those of you who may not know it, Anothai is the BEST THAI RESTAURANT EVER!!! Waitstaff humiliated us by informing my parents that we didn't require menus anymore, that we likely had them memorized.

As my parents were a captive audience at the restaurant, Minoy and I decided to publicly unveil our new money making/marketing plans. Although they pretended to scoff, I do believe my parents were impressed with our business acumen (pls note that these business plans are the sole property of minoy and michel. Liz may not steal these plans):

  • DoughGum. Donut flavored gum (Glazed-raised, DOOY! Arguably the best donut ever made. Who wouldn't want that!? I would totally chew the hell outta that. We were hoping my parents might want to actually INVENT our gum so that we could market it and make the profits....

  • Vodka-n-Diet Diet. Our newest miracle diet wherein all you drink is vodka (either straight or in martini form) or Diet soda. No food allowed. However, one day a week you may mix vodka and Diet soda as a special treat.

  • DoughTini. With the likely success of DoughGum, the DoughTini is the natural next step. Vodka with a sugar glaze, and a raised donut around the edge of the glass. HOWEVER, as with the key lime martini - which is, for all intents and purposes, LIQUID PIE, it is probably not advisable to drink 3 of the martinis and then order a donut on the side. This is a valuable lesson Minoy and I learned upon ordering a piece of key lime pie to go with our key lime martinis. Turns out you CAN have too much pie....

    I KNOW! I was just as shocked as you were!!

I should probably let you know, as I have frequently been asked (that one time) what the status was on our DoughGum project -- that it is still in the research and development stage, or as we like to call it, the "talk about it, but don't actually ever DO anything" stage.

We will advise if/when DoughGum becomes available. Blog followers may be entitled to a discount, but I kinda doubt it. However, we are currently accepting applications for investors.

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