Sunday, January 18, 2009

In the Poo...

Well, remember how I had my big To-Do List?? Remember how I mentioned that someone was supposed to come and pick up the poo in the back yard? (that someone being not me??) Well, THAT was a hint!! NONE of you took it. How RUDE!!! One might question your upbringing....

So, now Josh is home and has declared that We have to pick up poo in the backyard tomorrow before we leave for Costa Rica!! (WHY was I excited for him to come home again??) He went off on some tangent asking how long it was since I picked up the poo, to which I responded, "when was the last time you did it??" Then he asked how I intended to rent out our hovel with a poo-filled backyard. My plan was to just go, "what backyard...that's not ours..." and then run away (and it was foolproof I tell you). What could possibly go wrong!?

Of course, I naturally assume that when he says "we," he means himself and Kernel. I can only assume this because Kernel (pictured above as Exhibit A) is the one who refuses to go #2 on his walk and prefers the privacy of his own backyard. Jack and I do not use the backyard. Why should we be held accountable!?!?

On a separate subject, as you probably gathered....Josh is home!! I picked him up at the airport and we have had a whirlwind visit so far!! Let's see...we went home from the airport -- which, as you may or may not recall, was EXACTLY the fun I had with Mom and Dad when they visited!! (Please make a note to yourself, it is NO FUN to come and visit me. I pretty much refuse to go into DC proper - God help you if you wish to see the monuments or Smithsonian -- you're on your own!)

Anyway, Josh came home and he opened his Christmas gifts from me (I'm waaaay to lazy to mail that crap!) I assume he thinks I am now the best wife ever because I got him the desk Sports Illustrated Swimsuit calendar!! What he doesn't know is that said calendar will mysteriously catch fire before he gets back on the return flight, I don't know HOW that happened....(BRILLIANT) and some sort of GPS thing that Liz' hubby Dan picked out, but I took credit for because I paid for it. (AGAIN, BRILLIANT) So, following receipt of said GPS and mapping CD, Josh has immediately set up at the computer never to be heard from again.... (pic deleted per request from Josh).

I know! Our lives are sooo cosmopolitan trendy. It's like watching an episode of sex-in-the-city, but yet, without any plot or action to speak of.

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