Friday, January 2, 2009

I Gots Me A Present!!

So, you know how I am into Gansta' Rap??

(Not really, I'm just trying to up my street creds so I can assimilate into my new crime ridden hood....)

Just so everyone knows, I have the BEST HUSBAND EVER!!! (And no, Minoy, I did not remarry.)

Why? You ask?? Because he bought me PRESENTS!!! A REGULATOR, dive computer, and all those other critically important dealey-bobbers for our upcoming scuba vacation!! Now I will not have to be ghetto fab and rent equipment!

For your background, my in laws (Mark and Debbie, in case you forgot which ones you were) sent me a gift certificate for our local dive shop (THANK YOU!!) - so I went in to get me some diving gloves!!! I totally need those!!! Remember how I said that I loved Nature?? Well I do, but I kinda don't want nature to touch me -- so you can see the NEED... Coincidentally however, the shop had a sale on the BCDs (the vests that hold your tank on so you don't die) so I HAD to get one. I didn't want to DIE, and also it totally matched my wetsuit!

Unfortunately, however, the BCD and the gloves (there was no way I was not getting the gloves....NATURE!!! remember?!) well, combined they were a little bit more than the gift certificate. I mean, just a tad.....but it was a SALE! And the economy is bad!!!! Do you want our economy to fail? DO YOU HATE AMERICA! I am doing my part to save the economy....would it kill you guys to write me a thank you card!?

Well, I felt kinda guilty - seeing as how my wonderful, generous hubby is working 18 hour days, 7 days a week in Iraq and I was at home doing a half-assed job of cleaning the house (because Josh is not here to call me on it! FOCUS people....) -- and I fessed up. BUT I pointed out that I did not purchase the regulator and dive computer because I can only push my selfishness so far (mostly because my mom would like find out and call me on it, not really because I am a good person).

I am, however, suspicious. Josh is not known for his good deeds!! I suspect this stems from when I informed him of my new technological savvy and he mocked my blog! (I KNOW!! I was aghast too!) BUT, when i pointed out my cutting edginess, and informed him that he was just jealous because I like to try new things - he said "Yes, if by 'New Things' you mean the new Doritos that just came out -- then Yes! You DO like to try new things..." Naturally, I could not let this blatant slander pass, and informed him that THIS was going in my Blog!!!

He was scared.

Luckily for Josh, I am a forgiving, saintly wife and my affection can easily be bought with a cookie or new stuff... Thank you Josh! I love you!!!

SOOO, moral of this story? I am now a scuba pro: I have all my own equipment, and it totally matches!

I am currently accepting sponsors.

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