Saturday, January 3, 2009

I Miss Marley!!!!

So today Liz and I went to see Marley and Me at the theater. I'm always super excited to go to the real theather because I NEVER go - not only is it expensive to go, it's not that close to my house and I cannot seem to go to a movie without popcorn and milk duds.

Today, however, I was strong...I went dud-less. Not really because I have any sort of willpower, but because I have to go to the dentist again (I IKNOW, right!?!! Me willingly go to the dentist?! It totally shocked me too!) My appointment is next week and I don't want him to yell at me for having a layer of dud surrounding and coating my teeth. AND, as everyone knows, the dud can withstand pretty much everything -- heat, cold, solvents -- and is also capable of bonding so tightly that you have trouble opening your mouth!! Honestly, I've had some dicey moments where I was sure that I was going to pull out a tooth trying to chew those things!!

However, THIS is not my point. My point is -- I totally underestimated the sadness of the flick and my personal sappiness!! Liz, alternatively, did not. Armed with napkins and Kleenex, we watched the show. To her credit, Liz did tell me that it was probably not a good idea for me to go - pointed out that I tend to lean toward the drama, and am borderline bat-shit crazy when it comes to my pets. (Tis true, she has a point).

I gotta tell you, it was a GOOD movie. Better book.

BUT, you should probably also be warned...the book had me sobbing; the movie took the same sadness and then overlaid a montage of happy Marley memories over top. IT GOT UGLY!! Frankly, it took all I had in me not to put my head down in my hands and sob!! But I was stronger!! I simply snuffled, hiccuped a few times, and blew my nose multiple times.

I'm not sure how I will go on. I really loved Marley. It seems like I only had him for such a short time, almost like he wasn't actually my dog....


Anonymous said...

I feel it necessary to clarify that although it is true that Michel did not actually lay her head down and sob in the theater, it's not like she was sniffling in a lady-like manner, dabbing her eyes with an embroidered hanky. Instead, in her attempt to suppress the dramatic wailing building inside, she made lots of odd wet gurgling noises like she was being strangled and blew her nose loudly enough to drown out the movie dialogue. And this was well before Marley was anywhere near death. In fact, it may have been while the opening credits were still running. That said, it was a sad movie. Even I shed a couple tears and I'm not really a dog person (despite Kernal's efforts to seduce me).

Anonymous said...

I tried to post the above comment under profile LIZ and it gave me an error message saying it could not be posted!! Michel is trying to suppress the truth by blocking my ability to post snarky comments! But I foiled her plan by posting as "anonymous," which I'm sure she didn't think to block because she's not so good with technology (I know this because she refers to her laptop as a "puter" and removable media as "thingies")

Michel said...

Liz, because I am clearly more technologically savvy than you are (and that, my friend, is SAD!) I will tell you how to comment as Liz -- you gotta get a gmail account and then join the blog. They have rules!!!

If anyone knows a way around this, lemme know...but I'm stumped. I had to do it for my daddy! BUT look! I posted his pic!!

Manda said...

While finishing Marley and me I was at work in a meeting but I could not put the book down so I covertly held the book under the lip and nodded accordingly with the rambling of the ongoing meeting (fire suppression, road closures, fat rank lady on 12th keeps calling 911 for a toothache ect. and other most likely need to know information) I’m sorry but Marley demanded my attention and like you Kelly I also like Dogs more than People, as the meeting progressed I began to find it increasingly harder not to full on ball .. then I did full on snot & tears every where – needless to say a room full of men including my husband to be laughed at me “its just a book Manda” Daron said …… He cried like a little girl at the movie- Just putting that out there - So fret not Marley is well missed by many !