Thursday, January 15, 2009

The Day the Tivo Stopped

I must admit, I have gotten quite addicted to not watching commercials because of the blessings of Tivo. In fact, I find I cannot watch a show if I have to sit through the commercials. You know which one is the worst?! I will tell you!!!

First runner up:
Those damn Nutrisytem commercials. Who IS that blond lady that keeps telling us how she is "not your typical girl" because she loves sports (and can apparently catch a football). "Ummm, excuse me ma'am...whoever you's not 1947!" There are LOTS of girls who love sports. Its not just for lesbians anymore!!! Women can do all kinds of things!! We can vote, we can work, we can join the military...wait...Why did we want that again??

However, the worst is:

WHAT is that? WHO on earth would ever be so stupid to DO that? And WHY?? At least with Craig's list or ebay you KNOW what you're getting. Seriously, there has to be some mighty stupid people around if they think their Sealed envelope is going to protect their investment?! Send me your gold in an envelope. I will send you an envelope with money (read $7) in it in return. It is safe, reliable and dependable. It's on TV.

This commercial offends me on many levels (I'm going through a list phase, just humor me):

(1) Must they use the stereotypical Jewish grandmother in Florida to talk about how she got so much cash for ALL THE GOLD she'd been hoarding - that she had just laying around?? COME ON!!

(2) The guy that talks about how he got a whole $720 and went on his dream vacation!? Seriously? You DREAM about a vacation that is obviously within driving distance?? Did you take your "winnings" to Foxwoods like that lady who's hubby died after he bought a winning $10 million lottery ticket? (Do you remember that?? When asked what she was going to do with the money her hubby -- after working for a factory for the last 50 years -- bought you right before he are going to take it to the CASINO?) Well, ok. It's good to have goals.

Actually, the last one kinda reminds me of the conversation Josh and I just had about the bonus I received from work. (And we're back to me again...didn't take long, did it?) I was all excited telling him that we were RICH (and by rich I mean, we can pay for the upcoming vet bills now)....and how I was considering spending my bonus money on green contacts, or a bouquet of SHOES, or a pot bellied pig...

Josh (because he sucks) asked if I had, perhaps, considered using it to pay down the mortgage, put it into savings, invest it, or donate to charity.

awkward silence....

OR, maybe I will get Lumineers!!!

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