Monday, June 22, 2009

Kindle Taught me a Valuable Lesson About Sucking Up Proactively

So, I'm going to tell about what I discovered on my Kindle because I know you are all DYING to know. Okay, so remember how I told you that Josh got me my Kindle for my birthday way back in the day?? (read May) -- And when I say "Josh got me" I mean, I informed Josh that I wanted, nay NEEDED a Kindle for my birthday and then when he hesitantly said "okay, I'll look into that" I informed him that because I loved him so very very much I wanted to ease his burden and therefore purchased it for him and it was on its way here to Khartoum and THANK YOU VERY MUCH JOSH! Best gift ever!! Seriously, sometimes I am such a good person it amazes me.

So naturally, I HAD to get one because all the cool kids had one and I was getting pretty sick and tired of being that girl here in Sudan who doesn't even have a stupid Blackberry (I KNOW! It's an unspeakable outrage, right?!?) and has to type in the stupid number three times to write a damn text message, but who does it anyway because I cannot stand talking to people on the phone and is humiliated when she realizes that the guy driving the donkey cart that is holding up traffic in Khartoum is also concurrently texting via his Blackberry! (he's probably also on Twitter) THEREFORE, it is only natural that I would want a KINDLE because there is no way in hell that Donkey Cart Man is going to get one of those before me (ha HA! donkey driver! What now, smarty!?)

Clearly, I NEEDED it.

Plus, the books are cheaper if you buy them in Kindle format; however, they also seem to be easier to read for some reason and I have been FLYING through them here. (It might also have something to do with the fact that I still don't have any TV hooked up here - JOSH your list of chores is really piling up here. HURRY UP!) So I seem to buy about 10 times as many books as I did when they were book-books, but I'm sure that has no bearing on this.

ANYWAY, (how'd I get so far off track??) so I'm reading one of the books I ordered that was recommended to me personally be Amazon (they're so thoughtful) and it is called, "The Wordy Shipmate" by Sara Vowell. It was HILARIOUS, but also learn-ey. Now normally I do not choose my books for their learneyness; I prefer to read for entertainment and to identify other possibilities of how I have been wronged by The Man. But I really liked this book - so I googled her.


She was does talk Radio shows, has written a number of books, was the voice of Violet in The Incredibles and she has been a guest on the Colbert Report MULTIPLE TIMES.

Why the hell didn't I go out of my way to be BFF's with her?? Do you know how badly I want to write her a letter and go, DUDE! Is Stephen Colbert as Nerdy Dreamy as I think he is?? How tall is he? Is he nice? Did he ask about me??

But no! I cannot. Why?? Because she'd get my letter and go, "Michel WHO?" What makes matters worse is that we both graduated from Bozeman Senior High School in Bozeman, Montana. It's not like we were in this HUGE class where you didn't know anybody! We knew each other, but we weren't BFF's - and its not like I can all go out to try to be her friend NOW -- She'll know its only for the Colbert Bump.

I'm an idiot.

Anyway, if you haven't read her stuff - she writes about history, but they are really funny and well written. If you gotta learn about stupid history, it might as well be entertaining too.


blognut said...

I will totally read that book. And I will totally write her a letter and tell her to contact you immediately with the scoop on Colbert. But if she does, you have to share the info.

I mean it.

Can you be trusted?

Pastor Sharon said...

Wow that is pretty darn cool and kinda sucks too . . . all at the same time! I think you should still try for the Colbert thing, the worst she can do is say, Michel who?
And besides, you just promoted her on your very own blog! Duh? Isn't that suppose to get some kind of royalties?

Kathy B! said...

I think blognut is onto something :)

I went to school (and brielfy dated) a famous football player turned tv personality... my DH is more intrigued with it than I, but I get what you're sayin'

lakeviewer said...

Yeah, she would think that for sure. On the other hand, writers love their readers, especially those who blog to an international audience. And she should get to know how well you communicate in difficult situations. Yes?

Smart Mouth Broad said...

Oh yeah, I'll buy that book. It's like I know her. That's all I need. That one little connection. I know a girl who knows her. Yep, I'll be name-dropping this at the water cooler tomorrow, baby.

Smart Mouth Broad said...

Well, we don't really have a water cooler but you get my drift.

tera said...

We have a water cooler, I'll name drop for you. :)
I guess I'd better read the damn book first, though, eh?

otin said...

You think you are behind on the times? What the hell is a kindle? I really have no idea! LOL!

Smart Mouth Broad said...

I linked you today. Hope you don't mind. *wink*
Now the it all it's cracked up to be?

Amanda said...

Now I'm curious as I have a Kindle and you have a Kindle and that means we're like BEST FRIENDS almost... does the Whispernet work in the Sudan or do you have to hook it up to the computer and download that way? *sigh* I wish we could share books with our Kindles. It's totally bogus that we can't.

Beth said...

I love the random connections out there in the world. And I do love reading history, so I'll order her book. Now if only I had a Kindle.

Anonymous said...

Where is my comment?

I said- I usually read a lot of books during the summer but this summer I bought Naturally Thin and so far, I'm not into it- I mean this smartfood I'm eating right now is delish but the book? bullshit. so I can't find anything worthwhile right now- send some good chick lit suggestions my way will you?

Char said...

I guess Kindles would be handy for travel, but I think I would really miss the hard cover book.

Nanc Twop said...

I totally thought 'Vowell' was a fake name... since the book was "The Wordy Shipmate" - so Vowell is her real name, eh?

Gaston Studio said...

Wow, that sucks that you didn't know in advance that she was going to become famous back in high school so that you could name drop later!

Suzy said...

My sister joined facebook and got clobbered by all her highschool classmates. She said, "I never hung out with him, I can't believe he even remembers me." And we went to a very large highschool.

Write her, fool.